Space Sweepers Trailer Teases Netflix’s Korean Star Wars

The Netflix trailer for the upcoming sci-fi epic Space Sweepers has been released, and it could wind up being “The Korean Star Wars.” Billed as the country’s first spacefaring blockbuster and set in the year 2092, Space Sweepers is the story of a ragtag crew of outer-space junk miners who happen upon a highly destructive, Earth-threatening weapon in the guise of an innocent-looking little kid. Space Sweepers is directed by Jo Sung-hee and stars Kim Tae-ri (The Handmaiden) and Song Joon-ki, who worked with Jo prior, starring in his 2012 hit fantasy film, A Werewolf Boy.

Posted to the Netflix Twitter page NX, the gritty but vibrant promo showcases big adventure and big special effects, not unlike that which the Star Wars saga is famous for. Rife with starships and robots, Space Sweepers, originally titled “The Victory” after the name of the protagonists’ vessel, is a comedy as much as it is an action drama, and the trailer highlights the dysfunctional yet familial relationship of the crew as they ponder what to do about the mysterious child-robot that has come into their possession. You can watch the full trailer below:

Updongie, the robotic crew-member featured throughout the trailer and nicknamed “Terminator,” has the potential to be one of the breakout characters in the film. He’s fairly reminiscent of the scene-stealing K-2SO from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a “space opera” similar in genre to Space Sweepers. Merry Christmas, the Korean investor company backing the film is excitedly looking forward to the potential start of a franchise. They hope to tell more stories involving The Victory via television, games, and webtoons.

Korean exports do very well internationally, from K-pop to highly addictive K-Dramas, to critically acclaimed South Korean films like Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer and Parasite. Worldwide exposure for Space Sweepers, streaming on Netflix February 5th, could very well catapult it to becoming the next interstellar global phenomenon.

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