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The epic showdown of Godzilla vs. Kong is rapidly approaching, and early teaser footage could suggest that Monarch is using Kong as bait for Godzilla. The shadowy organization has been a constant background – and occasionally foreground – force through the various films of the MonsterVerse. While they’ve mostly been pitched as good guys up until now, their consistent meddling in the affairs of the titans could lead them to unintentionally spark the battle between Godzilla and Kong – a battle with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Monarch serves as the through line for the MonsterVerse and one of its primary differentiators from Toho’s past Godzilla series. Canonically, the organization was founded in the mid-twentieth century to research and, if necessary, defend humanity from MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms). The enigmatic global group pulls many strings throughout the franchise, often for the greater good, but occasionally causing greater destruction by their actions.

By the end of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, much of Monarch’s infrastructure has been ravaged. Titans have escaped from the secret facilities where they were kept, reaping terrible damage across the globe. Out of desperation, the organization turns to Godzilla to put down the monster uprising by defeating their leader, Ghidorah. Godzilla’s victory and subsequent return to the sea should have established his status as a non-threat, but given his immense powers and penchant for rampaging, it seems likely that Monarch would eventually want to either study him further or capture and immobilize him completely.

Why Is Kong Being Held Out In The Open?

In the very brief footage of Godzilla vs. Kong that’s been released, Kong is seen chained on some sort of exposed station or naval vessel. Details have yet to be revealed, but it appears that he is being held captive, in the open, on the water – Godzilla’s natural habitat. Kong wouldn’t have been able to reach such a remote location himself, and his very nature has been shown to be rather reclusive. That means he was brought to an exposed location by an external party for a distinct reason.

One explanation could be that Kong is being transported, and the journey is interrupted by his feud with Godzilla. However, as Monarch is the only group that seems capable of undertaking the capture and transport of Kong, that seems unlikely. Monarch would have to know that the alpha rivalry between the two titans would likely spark a duel if Kong left his home on Skull Island. Given that he was left in peace for decades after the mission there in the 1970s, there’s no compelling reason to move him.

So why would Monarch bring Kong to such an exposed location? If something in the balance of the titan world has shifted, or if for any other reason the powers that be decide a rendezvous with Godzilla is necessary, revealing Kong would be an ideal way to lure the lizard out. Whether for research, capture, or even a request for help against something else, there are many plenty of reasons a shadowy group like Monarch would want to draw Godzilla out once more.

Of course, there are other ways to get Godzilla’s attention. Monarch has monitoring systems all over the world, and they know much more about the creatures’ secret underwater routes after the events of King of the Monsters than ever before. Simple scientific observations wouldn’t warrant such a big play as bringing in Kong, because Kong is the greatest known threat to Godzilla and his alpha status among the other titans.

It’s been suggested in the MonsterVerse that with Ghidorah dead (at least, for now), Kong is the strongest titan after Godzilla. His very existence poses a threat to the nuclear lizard, though peace seems to have been maintained while he remained on Skull Island. Kong entering Godzilla’s domain could be seen by the latter as an act of aggression, which could spark an immediate and devastating retaliation. In other words, if Godzilla sees Kong out in the open, he almost has to engage.

That makes Kong the perfect bait for Godzilla, though using the ape in such a way is certainly dangerous. If Monarch is indeed trying to draw Godzilla out through Kong’s presence, they’re probably pretty desperate – either having exhausted all other options or needing the quickest and surest method possible. That paints a pretty foreboding picture of the state of the world around the titans’ duel. There are a few different possibilities for why Monarch would resort to such a high-risk tactic.

Why Would Monarch Want To Lure Godzilla?

A simple reason for Monarch wanting to draw out Godzilla would be to capture him, either for study or because, even in the wake of King of the Monsters, he has been deemed too great of a threat to swim about freely. If Godzilla is believed to be attacking ships, for instance, or if he made landfall and appeared to be attacking humanity, it’s easy to see how some at Monarch would want to incapacitate him and could deem dangerous tactics like the use of Kong necessary. Still, given all that Godzilla has done to help defend humanity, that theory seems like a bit of a stretch.

A more likely explanation is that a new threat, greater that of either Kong or Godzilla, has emerged, and Monarch wants to lure Godzilla to enlist his help. Such a threat, either by titans or something else, could justify a high-risk strategy like capturing Kong and using him as bait. It’s the sort of longshot operation the organization resorted to in response to Ghidorah’s reign of terror, and another similar crisis could easily prompt a comparable response.

This theory would also fit with the probable narrative of the film. Since Kong and Godzilla are both portrayed as relatively heroic creatures – only attacking humans in self-defense – there’s likely more at play than simply a battle to the death between them. A greater, external threat could prompt Godzilla and Kong to join forces, after beating each other up a bit beforehand of course. Any threat demanding such a colossal team-up would be terrifying to be sure, and it should be exciting to see how the duel of the titans actually plays out when Godzilla vs. Kong releases on HBO Max and in theaters in 2021.

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