US war on Chinese tech wouldnt be complete without Berlin: US diplomat

The United States strategy to push out Chinese technologies from 5G, cloud services and software applications needs the full support of Germany, a chief diplomat involved in the effort said Wednesday.

Keith Krach, under-secretary for economic growth at the U.S. State Department, told reporters that “we would of course love for Germany to join the Clean Network,” the U.S. initiative that aims to push out Chinese players from telecoms technology, cloud systems and even app stores across the West.

“The Clean Network wouldnt be complete” without Germany, Krach said.

The comments are only the latest effort by the U.S. in a two-year-long campaign to push telecom equipment maker Huawei out of the European market.

Krach visited Brussels on Wednesday to meet with EU lawmakers to discuss the plan, in a trip that includes stops in Germany, Spain and other EU countries.

But Germany has been wary of Washingtons requests to cut Huawei from its 5G rollout plans. The Chinese telecom vendor is deeply embedded in Germanys existing telecom infrastructure and the government coalition for many months disagreed on how to handle the issue amid fears that it could delay 5G networks and cause trade tensions with Beijing.

Local newspaper Handelsblatt on Wednesday reported that the German government reached an internal agreement that would substantially increase the costs and legal requirements for operators to use Chinese equipment, but wouldnt impose an all-out ban on Huawei.

According to the paper, equipment used in both “core” parts of the network and “radio access” parts like antennas aRead More – Source

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