Arcimoto is testing its electric Rapid Responder with fire department

  • Eugene Springfield Fire Department has started testing out the EMS version of Arcimoto's electric trike. Arcimoto
  • Fire engines are large, but the Arcimoto Rapid Responder is small and nimble. Arcimoto
  • If Tacoma FD didn't make you want to join your local fire department, maybe this will? Arcimoto

Of all the weird and wonderful machines we've tried out over the past few years, the Arcimoto FUV remains one of my favorites. It's an electric three-wheeler, built in Eugene, Oregon, and its makers accurately describe it as a Fun Utility Vehicle.

Last fall, Arcimoto began the first customer deliveries of the electric trike, but the company doesn't just want to sell vehicles to commuters and people looking for a fun runabout; it's targeting some more serious applications, too. And this is where the Arcimoto Rapid Responder comes in. It's a variant designed for the emergency services, and the first of these have just begun testing with the Eugene Springfield Fire Department in Oregon.

"At Eugene Springfield Fire, we pride ourselves on being a progressive organization that is always in search of innovative new ways to improve our services. In 2019, we respondeRead More – Source

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