Little League teams are dropping the Astros name in the wake of club’s cheating scandal

The Texas MLB team was caught stealing a pitcher's signals with the use of technology, a practice that is illegal in professional baseball. The team's office suffered multiple suspensions and fines, but no players were suspended.Across the country, Little Leagues name their teams after their MLB counterparts, but several districts are suspending the Astros name due to the scandal. Bob Bertoni, the District Administrator for District 16/31 Little League in Pennsylvania, told CNN that he has recommended that all 23 of his district presidents drop the name Astros from their team rosters this year. Bertoni said he made the decision for two reasons. "One, we want to protect our players," he said. "We want to protect them from embarrassment or getting ridiculed simply for wearing the team name." The second reason is they want to use the issue as a teaching tool. Bertoni said that the Astros' actions go against their league pledge, which states, "I will play fair and strive to win." "When someone does something wrong, there has to be consequences. We want to build our players' characters … and explain that there are consequences for your actions," Bertoni said.

Other leagues have also pulled the Astros name

But the Pennsylvania league is not the only one who feels this way. Two Little Leagues in California have also dropped the Astros name, according to the Orange County Register. One in Buffalo, New York, did it too. "A lot of us on the board are baseball purists, and we were really upset about what happened with the Astros," Central Amherst Little League GM Keith Wing told CNN affiliate WIVB. "We just felt like the Astros didn't deserve to have their name on the shirts of our little kids." Read More – Source

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