Doom Eternal joins this years game-delay club, will launch March 2020

Doom Eternal—the highly anticipated sequel to the hell-shooter series' 2016 reboot—has left our list of most anticipated games of 2019. On Tuesday morning, game publisher Bethesda announced that Doom Eternal needs another four months in the oven. That means it will launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on March 20, 2020.

That list of supported platforms is missing a big name: Nintendo Switch. Tuesday's delay includes an additional, indefinite delay of the sequel's port to Nintendo's weaker console, thus breaking the developer's original promise that Switch buyers would get to rip and tear into Doom Eternal the same day as everyone else. "We will announce [the Switch port's] date in the future," the company's statement vaguely reads.

Publisher Bethesda took the opportunity to delay another related game out of November 2019, as well: Doom 64. This first-ever port of the 1997 shooter onto non-N64 platforms is still coming to PC and modern consoles, Bethesda says, but it too will launch on March 20, 2020. Now, at least, that port will become a free pre-order bonus for buyers of Doom Eternal. But we're not sure why Bethesda and id Software couldn't get Doom 64 ready by this holiday season to tide series fans over during the bigger game's delay. (In the meantime, if you own a legitimate copy of the N64 original, we suggest ripping its files and launching them on PC via the incredible Doom 64 EX mod.)

  • Most of this gallery is taken from real first-person gameplay, which is why the screen is smothered in a HUD. Milliseconds after this "glory kill" moment, your hero punches this demon's head so hard that it explodes. id Software
  • Another glory kill. It was hard to capture clear images of these violent, health-refilling attacks; they're all pretty quick in action.
  • New default mod attachments come to nearly every Doom Eternal weapon.
  • The trick with the super shotgun is to make sure to shoot before you get all the way to your target. The momentum will still drive your blast directly into the foe, and the recoil of your shot will conveniently bounce you away from its limp body toward your next target.
  • The provided gameplay footage didn't include examples of this new sniping attachment being used to pick off specific pieces of bad guys' artillery and armor.
  • Instead, it made peons' heads go boom. Still satisfying. (This image was captured just before a head-'splosion.)
  • This, by the way, is what happens to the previous demon's head roughly two frames later.
  • In this game, you get an armor pickup whenever an enemy dies while it's caught on fire. Conveniently enough, the new "flame belcher" attachment can torch an entire crowd en masse.
  • There's also the Doom 2016 standby of running a chainsaw through an enemy to turn its body into useful ammunition. (Don't ask us how that science works.)
  • Decisions, decisions: do I go in for the glory kill, since the enemy on the left is staggered and glowing?
  • Nah, let's focus explosive ballista fire on the bigger, scarier-looking one.
  • Terrifying, right? Hold on, lemme crank this one up a smidge…
  • …there. You can practically smell its cow-carcass breath from here. id Software
  • Dash forward to close distance on your foe.
  • Then set it on fire, because why not.
  • We should kill this one.
  • A new "extra life" system brings you back to life mid-mission if yoRead More – Source

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