Is Graham Millies dad in Emmerdale – what is his history with Andrea?

Grahams set to be left reeling by Andreas revelation about Millie (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdales Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) is set for a shock this week when he discovers information that suggests Millie Tate (Willow Bell) could actually be his daughter.

Monday nights edition of the show sees Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) taking Blaze out for a ride, much to mum Kim (Claire King)s dismay – but things dont go as planned, with Millie being rushed to hospital after she is knocked down and injured.

And its here that Graham learns that he might just be her dad – learning some information that leaves him reeling.

So is he her dad – and just whats his history with Andrea?

Heres what you need to know…

What is Grahams history with Andrea?

Graham and Andrea initially came into contact in 2012, when Kim Tate was sent to prison, and tasked Graham with looking after Jamie for her.

Anna Nightingale as Andrea Tate and Alexander Lincoln as Jamie Tate in Emmerdale
Little Millie ends up in hospital after an accident involving Blaze (Picture: ITV)

At the time, however, Graham was in the grip of an alcohol addiction and in no fit state to keep an eye on her son – so enlisted the help of Andrea, a barmaid at a pub he was a regular at, to get close to him and report back.



His plan backfired on him when Andrea ended up falling for Jamie – with the pair eventually marrying, and Jamie not learning the truth about how she really came into his life until earlier this year.

As for whether Graham is Millies dad – well the pair had a one-night stand in 2015, the year that Millie was born.

Is Graham Millies dad in Emmerdale?

Anna Nightingale as Andrea Tate and Andrew Scarborough as Graham Foster in Emmerdale
Grahams set to confront Andrea (Picture: ITV)

Well we dont know for sure – but Grahams left convinced that Millie is his after learning her date of birth, and realising it aligns with the date that they slept together – leaving him convinced Millie is his daughter.

Speaking to Andrew Scarborough explained: In the past, when Graham asks Andrea to keep an eye on Jamie, briefly they had a one night fling. Obviously, Graham wasnt getting a lot then because he remembers every detail! Hes so convinced that Millie is his!

He goes to the hospital and is there when the exact date of birth is given and he twigs that this works it out. I think it has crossed his mind before but as soon as the date comes up, its like a red rag.

As to what happens next? Well he told us: Andrea is very worried. ShRead More – Source

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