Hollyoaks spoilers: Damon Kinsella discovers Maxine Minnivers shocking lies

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Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) could be set to lose everything in upcoming Hollyoaks scenes as the truth finally comes to light about her lies that she is going to die. Maxine has been suffering from Munchausens Syndrome which has led to her lying about being ill through fear that Damon would fall out of love with her otherwise.

As the situation comes to a head, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) washes her hands of Maxine as she urges her to come clean to Damon. And when he then discovers the abhorrent truth, will he ever forgive Maxine?

And will the community turn on her for her lies?

Hollyoaks Maxine with Damon
(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Maxine has finally been outed – it will be on screen next week but who lets the cat out of the bag. In the past, Maxine and Sienna havent all got on – but Maxine has confided in her about her mental health disorder. James has also found out and he has no loyalties at all to Maxine.



The third suspect is Brody. Sienna knows the truth – does Sienna tell Brody and he, like a good best friend, told Damon? There is also Mitchell, who has been suspicious about Maxine from the start – and he is also close to a lot of people who love Damon.

It could also be Grace. Grace always thought she was milking it – does she find out that her suspicions were right? Scott has been close to Mitchell, who knows the truth – has something been discussed over dinner that leads him to the truth? Or what about the lovely Damon – maybe he realises Maxine is lying and gets some evidence? Finally, it could even be Maxine. Has the guilt finally got to her causing her to write a confession – that she now regrets sending? Youll have to wait andRead More – Source

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