Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle swears revenge on Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle

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We love it when Robron team up and pull off a scam – its not often that Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) gets the last laugh but, with the help of Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller), the pair certainly got one over on Mandy (Lisa Riley) in tonights Emmerdale. And yeah, shes not best pleased!

With Aaron having discovered Mandys stash of cash and casino chips, he realised her greed and was concerned about her bringing trouble to the Dingles. As they had an angry showdown, Aaron decided to pull a magic act – and made an aghast Mandy think that he was torching the money in that infamous cash burning barrel at the scrapyard.

However, not all was as it seemed as he had done a bit of a switcheroo and kept the cash for himself and Robert. As Mandy seethed at her loss, Robert and Aaron laughed and celebrated their victory in the Mill. Not only had they taught Mandy a valuable lesson but Robert felt better that Aaron and Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) would have some extra source of money while he is in prison.



However, when she went poking around in the ashes, Mandy soon realised that Aaron hadnt burned the money after all and marched up to the couple, growling that they had better hand it back. But Aaron laughed in her face, even putting in an accurate Mandy Dingle impression into the bargain which just made her more mad.

Robert pointed out to her that there wasnt much that she couldRead More – Source

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