Googles next flagship smartphone launches October 15

  • Google's invitation. Google
  • The Pixel 4 prototype from Relab. ReLab
  • The front of the Pixel 4. ReLab
  • The bottom has one of the stereo speakers (the other is the earpiece) and a USB-C port. No headphone jack. ReLab
  • Google's new diagram of the Pixel 4. FaceID and Soli technology are in there. Google

Google has sent out invites for the latest "Made by Google" hardware event. On October 15, the company will officially launch the Pixel 4 and probably a slew of other hardware. The livestream is already registered on YouTube, with a launch time of 10am ET.

The Pixel 4 is the worst-kept secret of the year. In addition to leaks from the usual suspects and Google's own public announcement of device features, any semblance of secrecy was killed last week when several Vietnamese YouTubers got hold of a Pixel 4 prototype and started posting full video reviews.

Key features of the Pixel 4 include a 90Hz OLED display (just like the OnePlus 7 Pro), two rear cameras and a time-of-flight sensor (the first multi-rear camera setup for a Pixel phone), and a thick top bezel packed with sensors for things like face recognition (apparently the only supported form of biometrics) and air gestures. Air gestures—which requires you to wave your hand above the phone screen to control it—have been tried on phones before, usually with poor results. For the Pixel 4 though, Google is using a "Soli" radar sensor that it developed in house, which will hopefully make the feature more useful.

As usual, we're expecting two phones, this year packing 5.7-inch and 6.3-inch OLED displays. The specs are a bit behind the competition, with the Snapdragon 855 instead of the faster Snapdragon 855+, only 6GB of RAM instead of the 8GB of RAM you get from other phones in this priRead More – Source

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