Coronation Street fans broken by Sinead death story

Coronation Street fans broken by Sinead death story (Picture: ITV)

Coronation Street fans were left heartbroken after Sinead Tinker found out she only had five months left to live.

The popular character, played by Katie McGlynn, broke down alongside her husband Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) following the devastating news.

And in an emotional monologue at the end of the tragic episode, the star once again won over the hearts of her fans.

Clinging onto her husband with tears in her eyes, Sinead howled: In the end all Ill be is a story, someone make believe, like the bear from The Bear Hunt.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

Smashing up the house, she shouted: Ive been a good person, its not fair, Ive been a good person why doesnt that count?

Coronation Street
They applauded Katie on her performance (Picture: ITV)

I was so full of it, “oh I wont let this define me,” what a joke, thats all Ill be, wont I? A joke.



Daniel tried to comfort his love and wrapped her up in his arms telling her he wants every second they have left together.

Ill have died of cancer, I would have been better drowning in Windermere, getting hit by a bus.

Now Im going to have to spend the next few months dragging this body around while it slowly falls apart.

Coronation Street
Sinead Tinker found out she only had five months left to live (Picture: ITV)

Stumbling over her words she questions whether or not she will continued treatment, before telling her hubby: Its not even the dying, its the leaving do you know what I mean?

After the heart-wrenching scenes aired, fans took to Twitter in tears, as they congratulated the actors on their performance.

That episode was utterly heartbreaking. Katie and Rob were exceptional tonight #Corrie, one wrote while another added: Aw tonight has been two of the harder @itvcorrie episodes to watch but absolutely incredibly acted #Corrie.

Someone else said: Oh my heart. What a emotional episode, poor Sinead and Daniel, devastating outstanding performances well written. Well done @itvcorrie.

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