Asda is trialling a new coating technology that triples fruit shelf life

Has Asda answered our food waste prayers? (Picture: Asda/Getty)

We all know supermarkets throw away an alarming amount of food every year, but one chain is finally taking a stand against waste.

Asda is trialling a new coating technology in a hope to reduce the amount of fresh food ending up in landfills.

The supermarket giant has teamed up Apeel Sciences to create a product designed to triple the shelf life of fresh food.

The pioneering plant-derived, water-based coating acts as an extra invisible skin or peel and dramatically slows the rate of spoilage – meaning food lasts longer.

Asda has said the new coating could reduce the amount of pesticides needed on foods post-harvest.

Not only that, but the invisible peel means that less plastic packaging will be required.

Apeel-coated clementines are currently being trialled at two UK stores – Chatham in Kent and Glasshoughton in Yorkshire.

Its the first time the impressive foodie tech has been rolled out in the UK, after it won approval from EU regulators back in June.



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Nasir Ahmed, produce and technical manager at Asda, said: Were always looking at how we can reduce food waste right the way through our supply chain and into our customers homes.

Increasing shelf life means our customers can enjoy fresher produce for longer, so were really excited about the potential of Apeel and Im delighted Asda is part of this trial.

The innovative technology can be found in Costco, Kroger and Harps stores across the US – where its helping to extend the shelf life of apples, asparagus, limes and lemons.

Its a positive sign for things to come and a promising step in the battle against food waste.

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