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You Can Now Buy 65” Animatronic Pennywise In Time For Halloween

You Can Now Buy 6Foot5 Animatronic Pennywise In Time For HalloweenSpirit Halloween

Its getting to that time of year when scary clowns are doing the rounds again.

The combination of everyones favourite autumnal holiday (Halloween) coming around, and the return of everyones favourite scary clown (Pennywise) means the dream of summer is swiftly slipping away, and the days are getting darker in both senses of the word.

Now, thanks to a lovely bit of merchandising and capitalist cashing in, you can illuminate those dark days in a dark way with a very creepy, lifesize doll of Pennywise.

Check it out:

Standing tall at six foot five inches, this Pennywise doll – modelled, of course, after the evil cosmic spirit in the film It: Chapter Two, which just happens to be in cinemas right now! – this creepy clown is the perfect accessory for your Halloween party.

The figure features infrared sensor-activated actions, light-up eyes and scary quotes from the film – in the voice of actor Bill Skarsgård, no less.

Fancy a lifesize toy doll? Who doesnt?! Theyre very faithful companions. Head over to Spirit Halloween for yours.

If, however, youre not comfortable with a six foot five Pennywise doll in your house at all times, but still want to celebrate the iconic character, why not light up your life with a red balloon lamp, so at least the idea of the killer clown still pervades your house.

Pennywise IT Chapter Two Balloon Lamp ZavviZavvi

On the other hand, if you dont want any kind of Pennywise merchandise, but want as many creepy clowns in your eyeholes as possible, check out

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