Wii Fit redux: Nintendo shows mysterious exercise ring for the Switch

  • That is not a good exercise outfit… Nintendo
  • Streeeeeeetch! Nintendo
  • Lift those legs! Nintendo
  • These pretend weights are a lot easier to lift than real weights! Nintendo
  • I've had nightmares that resemble this. Nintendo
  • Up top! Nintendo
  • Why does this remind me of a five-year-old pretending to drive a car? Nintendo
  • Are they… are they pointing at her rear end? Nintendo
  • Hahahaha. Exercise is fun! Nintendo
  • Rahhhhhhh! Nintendo
  • *Click* Nintendo

Remember the Wii Fit Balance Board? Twelve years ago, Nintendo released a device that looked like a bathroom scale but actually acted as a relatively sensitive controller that responded to subtle shifts in weight in specially designed games. Nintendo sold at least 22 million of the suckers to health-conscious gamers, 99.9% of whom have doubtless put their Balance Boards in the closet or a donation bin by now.

Fast forward to today, and Nintendo is once again teasing a new entry into the fitness game. In a short video tweeted late Thursday, the company showed off a flexible black plastic ring and accompanying leg strap, both of which apparently integrate with Switch Joy-Cons to measure your motion in a number of ways.

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