Does Robert Sugden go to prison as he leaves Emmerdale?

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Things arent looking good for Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) as he faces a court trial that could see him face a long prison sentence.

It comes after he attacked Lee Posner (Kris Mochrie) during an altercation after he bragged about raping his sister Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins).

He had planned to take matters into his own hands for a while, and finally got his chance and finally got his chance last month, but he might now suffer the consequences.

As the evidence seems to be piling up, could Robert soon be heading into a prison cell?

Does Robert Sugden go to prison in Emmerdale?

Robert lost crucial evidence for his court case this week when his sister Victoria revealed that she isnt going to defend him in court.

Hes currently facing the potential of life in prison for GBH with intent for attacking Lee Posner after he had raped Victoria.



He had hit him over the head with a shovel after he had taunted him and threatened to rape another woman.

Victoria has decided that she cant testify for Robert in court (Picture: ITV)

Last month it was revealed that Lee had woken up from his coma and claimed that Robert had attacked him first.

Victoria Sugden broke down in tears this week and told Robert that she was too scared to lie in court, as she had only seen Robert hitting Lee with a shovel, and not the altercation before it happened.

Her testimony was one of the key pieces of evidence to help defend Robert, but without it he could be facing a lengthy prison sentence.

Actor Ryan Hawley is set to leave the soap later this year, and fans are starting to think that being sentenced to serve time in prison could be the way that the character makes his exit.

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