Netflix film Eerie terrifies as viewers forced to sleep with lights on

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So theres another horror film that is terrifying punters around the world, with Eerie recently landing on Netflix and forcing viewers to keep their lights on when they go to bed.

Times are getting drastic in the world of horror, people.

The Filipino Gothic film was released in March but only landed on the streaming platform recently.

Centring around a tale of a girls school the nuns arent the creepy thing about it…for once, as we suddenly discover a character named Erika, who basically haunts all from beyond the ether.



They then call her Eri and before we know it, the Eerie title makes a whole lot more sense.

Set in Lucia Academy for girls we see guidance counsellor Pat Consolacion (Bea Alonzo) attempt to uncover what went down behind the news of a students gruesome suicide. Old mate Erika.


Did she just have a vampire facial? (Picture: Netflix)


An old school nun? An altar? Cherubs with wings? Were outta here (Picture: Netflix)

Like how all the students are being traumatised by apparitions of ghost Erika and one is sent home after venturing alone at midnight to the spot where Erika supposedly killed herself.

Pat soon discovers there are more secrets than she can poke a stick at, kept in the shadows of the creepy institution.

From the ridiculously bone-chilling girlish giggle we hear at multiple points, to the jump scares and the classic horror violins, we can see why people are running terrified.


Then they add the rain. Nothing good happens when it rains in horror films (Picture: Netflix)

Cue jumps.

And night lights.

Just watched Eerie on Netflix and guess wholl be sleeping with the lights on for a week? one wrote on Twitter.

Another joined them as they added: Just watched Eerie on netflix and umm wheres my nightlight?? Scary af.

The scares werent all they were cracked up to be for others, as one called the rest out for being soft.

What a load of cr*p if people need to sleep with the light on after this wow! No just no good film but “terrifying” it is not, one tough guy chimed in.



eerie tweet

eerie tweet

eerie tweet

eerie tweet

More punters were brave enough to bring snacks into the equation. All the better to hide behind, we think.

@netflix your new film eerie is not scary at all I watched 2 times with the lights off and snacks, one moviegoer wrote.


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