Lotus Biscoff comes in nibble form now and were ready to guzzle them down

Get in our mouths (Picture: Lotus Biscoff/

Lotus Biscoff can come in any form and we will eat the hell out of it.

Recently the delicious Belgian-born brand announced that it comes as a squeezable sauce and now you can get little rolls of the stuff.

We think theyre more like nibbles than rolls, but we wont quibble with their marketing.

The Lotus Biscoff Speculoos Rolls promises the signature brown sugar and spice taste but comes in little balls coated in chocolate.

As if it could get any better.

Professional snack reviewer Amy Seeks New Treats has been lucky enough to try the delectable goods and has great words to say about them. Did we expect anything less?

Ah man, these Biscoff Rolls are so good, she wrote on Instagram. Imagine McVities nibbles but with Biscoff biscuits in the middle and youve pretty much got these sussed.



Though we are delighted they exist, we are sad to report that Biscoff Rolls are not available in our supermarkets just yet (Biscoff lords, stop teasing us!).

But, Amy points out, they are on sale at British retailer GB Gifts which specialises in importing sweet treats from all over the world.

GB, doing Gods work.

You can purchase them from the online store in three different flavours; Original Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and White Chocolate and Coffee.

With great taste comes great price tags though as they cost more than you average chocolate treats.

Each bag, which is 150g, costs £5.99. And then theres the £1.99 worldwide delivery charge which will take up the total to almost £8.

Biscoff is really going above and beyond at the moment, giving the people what they want.

Their Biscoff & Go packs are set to be available from Spar, Nisa and Costcutter stores in the UK.

And in case that wasnt enough, here are Read More – Source

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