Official StarCraft mod makes the game look like a Saturday morning cartoon

  • This is a real thing, and it can now be yours for $10 at Blizzard Entertainment / Carbot Animations
  • We bit on the $10 purchase to see how it looks in action.
  • The visual transformation applies to nearly every element of the StarCraft Remastered package, including campaign selection screens…
  • …and briefings between missions. Raynor's "duhhhh" face when he's not talking is pretty incredible, if you ask me.
  • Little bubbly cartoon Raynor has been discovered.
  • Aw, don't shoot the cute Zerglings.
  • You might expect the Terran SCV shouts of "Job's finished!" to sound cutesy, but the game's original sounds remain intact. The contrast is a bit startling, but mostly hilarious.
  • Even the mission-complete stats overview has been redone.
  • We thought you might want a better look at that background image.
  • A quick peek at the Brood War campaign's visual transformation.
  • In a few cases, original artwork remains, but we at least get to watch it in a Carbot-ified theater.
  • The gang's all here.
  • How can such adorable Zerg units be mad at each other?
  • Protoss overhaul, too.
  • Jonathan Burton himself flew to South Korea to unveil his Cartooned mod to pro players, who tested it out on a competitive stage.
  • See? They're wearing suits. That's competitive. (And the contrast makes the cartoon combat in question look that much more awesome.)
  • The rest of this gallery consists of footage taken from the official trailer, in order to give you a better look at unit variety as redrawn in StarCraft: Cartooned.
  • I can't even with these Ultralisks.
  • Imagine Protoss quotes like "Faith before fear" sung like some sort of Mickey Mouse song. (Again, it's all original audio in this mod, but it's easy to imagine this screen being set to cheerier sound effects.)
  • The detail on various terrain elements is a really nice touch.
  • Not even a Cartooned mod can soften the impact of brutal, Terran-on-Terran violence.
  • A nice zoom on some Zerg-Protoss combat.

Do not be deceived by the above gallery. This is not a prank or a proof of concept. StarCraft: Cartooned is now live at Blizzard's online store as an official $10 add-on to 2017's StarCraft Remastered. It redraws every single piece of art in the classic RTS game to look and animate like a children's cartoon, without otherwise changing the core gameplay.

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