Home and Away spoilers: Robbo and Jasmine reunite in engagement joy

Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) have had a tough time lately (Picture: Channel 5)

Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) have had a turbulent time since his return to the Bay and Jasmines decision to attend counselling. After accompanying her to her first session, Robbo was advised that he needed counselling, and just as Jasmine started to believe she could start planning a future with Robbo again, he realised he needed to sort himself out first.

Jasmine catches up with Robbo, who is behaving oddly and turns down going for coffee with her. She doesnt believe hes too busy to have coffee, but Robbo ducks around a corner and tries to regain his composure.

He goes down to the ocean, where he stares out pensively until Aiden, the counsellor, joins him for an unorthodox therapy session. Aiden asks what he wants to get out of therapy, and Robbo says he wants to be able to marry Jasmine without hurting her.

Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) talk
Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) are back on (Picture: Channel 5)

Walking along the beach together, Robbo explains how his past choices hurt his family, and Aiden says that Robbo didnt hurt his family. When Robbo says that no, technically he didnt, Aiden cuts him off and says no, not technically, actually.



When Aiden helps Robbo to realise that all of his life experiences made him the person that Jasmine fell in love with, he realises that he needs to speak with Jasmine. Back at the Beach House, Jasmine is toying with her engagement ring, trying it on and thinking.

Robbo turns up and tells her about the counselling session, with the two finally able to set aside the confusion from the past few weeks. Robbo tells Jasmine she is the only one he wants, and Jasmine confesses shes been wearing the ring. Jasmine asks Robbo if he will marry her – and the two embrace. The engagement is back on!

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