A black Boeing employee found a noose over his desk. Now he’s suing the company

Curtis Anthony alleges in the lawsuit that his colleagues at the North Charleston, South Carolina, Boeing plant also used the n-word and urinated on his desk. He is suing over discrimination on the basis of race, retaliation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, violations of the Family Medical Leave Act and breach of contract. Anthony says he raised the issues with his supervisors and management, who promised his complaints would be addressed. But ultimately, the lawsuit claims, nothing was done."I hope that this shouldn't be tolerated in America at this day and time," Anthony told CNN affiliate WCSC in an interview. "This is not 1819, this is 2019. Regardless of color, people should say something against it and anything that's harmful against anyone."In an emailed statement to CNN, Boeing spokeswoman Libba Holland said Anthony "is a valued Boeing South Carolina teammate," but "there is no validity to his allegations." "Moreover, most of Mr. Anthony's allegations were never brought to the attention of management, giving the company no opportunity to investigate these claims," the statement said. "The single issue he did raise was dealt with promptly and in a fair manner."

Lawsuit: N-word was used on a 'daily basis'

According to the lawsuit filed earlier this month, Anthony began working for Boeing as a quality inspector at the plant in May 2011, but the alleged harassment did not begin until May 2017.That's when Anthony's coworkers — who were "primarily Caucasian" — began to engage in "intentionally extreme and outrageous" harassment, the lawsuit says, which included "having Caucasian workers urinate in Plaintiff's seat and on his work desk numerous times" and using the n-word "on a daily basis." Anthony suffered "mental anguish and emotional distress" due to the harassment, the lawsuit says. Noose hung at Fiat Chrysler plant Anthony complained abouRead More – Source

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