10 Coronation Street spoilers: Murder horror, wedding shocker and Roys huge discovery

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Whenever theres joy in Coronation Street, you know that misery is never far behind and Robert Prestons (Tristan Gemmill) proposal to Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) shields the fact that he is hiding a damaging secret.

And speaking of misery, the end could be nigh for Gary Windass (Mikey North) as he stares death and literally his own grave in the face as his final showdown with Rick Neelan (Greg Wood) explodes. In other Corrie developments, Roy Cropper (David Neilson) makes a shocking discovery while Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) fears for her future.

10 Corrie spoilers

  • Sarah heads off with Adam to a hotel.
  • Roy admits that his mother must have been having an affair.
  • Gary realises that Rick is after him – and believes Sarah has been kidnapped.
  • Michelle and Robert are reunited but he is hiding something.
  • The Baileys take revenge against the Barlows with a noise-off.
  • Roy discovers Sylvias love letters and realises she had warmth to her.
  • Rick traps Gary in the woods and prepares to kill him.
  • Robert proposes to Michelle but what will she say?
  • Ken and Ed try to avoid the feud.
  • Sinead worries about the future after seeing a well taken photograph of Bertie.

Monday 17th June Part One

Roy has orders in Coronation Street
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Roy orders Wayne to stop researching Sylvias ring and Wayne and Brian realise how strangely he has been behaving since his trip to Portsmouth. Later on, Roy admits that he learned that his mother had had an affair.



Sarah heads off to the hotel with Adam but Gary fears for her safety as Rick is back on the scene. Gary heads to the hotel to find her. Meanwhile, Michelle tells Ryan that she and Robert are for keeps this time while Sinead worries about her scan and Claudia and Aggie clash.

Monday 17th June Part One

Adam and Sarah kiss in Coronation Street
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Sarah storms out of the hotel after jibes from Adam and when Gary learns that she left with a man with dark hair, he assumes that Rick has kidnapped her. He phones Rick and is led into a trap where he is presented in the woods with his own shaoolow grave.

Robert reveals a surprise engagement party fot Michelle while Roy has a change of heart after some wise words from Cathy. The Baileys and Barlows wage a noise war.

Wednesday 19th June Part One

Michelle is surprised in Coronation Street
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Michelle is surprised to enter the bistro with her whole family there and a happy engagement balloon. But Robert has other things on his mind. Elsewhere, Gary fights Rick with all of his might but he is eventually overpowered.

Claudia and Aggies war continues while Ken and Ed head for a pint. Roy discovers that his mum loved the man she had an affair with.

Wednesday 19th June Part Two

The Baileys argue in Coronation Street
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Aggie and Claudia discover Ken and Ed chummed up in the Rovers and realise that their feud seems futile. Beth takes a picture of Bertie on her phone and decides to enter it inRead More – Source

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