10 huge spoilers from the Holby City summer trailer, as Joseph and Faye return

(Picture: BBC)

The new Holby City summer trailer is out – and its a real teaser. It promises secrets, lies, tears and romance – and the massive return of two iconic characters from the past that will shake up Jac Naylors world.

Some stories are set to continue, with Isaac still making his evil presence felt and Chloe and Evans relationship looking like it might be about to turn even nastier. But theres romance on the cards for Sacha and possibly wedding bells for Donna and Xavier. Meanwhile Loftys indiscretions on his American holiday look like theyve followed him back to Holby, and theres a surprise visitor for Essie. Here are all the spoilers in full.

1. We see Jac outside in the rain, and she spots a familiar figure in the distance. Who can it be? Could it possibly be Joseph Byrne? We have to wait another couple of minutes before we find out, but anticipation is high.



2. Why is Serena hiding from Fleur Fanshawe? Fleur certainly looks to be quite familiar with Serena, swatting her bum as she walks past. Could they be romantically linked?

Serena panics in Holby
Is someone feeling guilty? (Picture: BBC)

3. Isaac continues to haunt the corridors of Holby and we see him kissing a somewhat shocked Lofty. His target still seems to be Dominic, though. You seriously think you can keep hold of him after hes tasted love with a man like me? he goads Lofty. Further complications for Lofty and Dominic appear in the form of a woman who turns up asking for Ben. Shes Vegas, Dominic says – confirming that Loftys fling while he was away wasnt with another man, it was with this woman. Can Dominic and Loftys relationship survive both Isaac and the presence of this woman?

4. Hanssen is having problems getting to grips with grandfather-hood, despite Sachas reassurances. He seems worried that the mistakes he made with Fredrik will be repeated, but it looks like he and Oskar are getting on just fine as both of them look at each other with adorable affection.

5. Theres another mystery woman, and this one has been asking for Raf. Essie introduces herself as Rafs widow – and later we see the woman asking Essie if shell look after her baby girl. What do the woman and the baby have to do with Raf, and is Essie about to finally realise her dream of being a mum by an unconventional route?



6. We see Kian looking haunted, sitting in an operating theatre with Nicky. What could have happened?

Ric loses it in Holby City
Is something wrong with Ric? (Picture: BBC)

7. Romance for Sacha looks to be going well, as Patricia tells him hes a beautiful man. On the other hand, this could be the start of a speech that ends with him being dumped. Well just have to keep our fingers crossed for Holbys cuddliest medic.

8. Elsewhere, we see Cameron and Nicky in bed together, but he looks like he might have a few regrets already. Could it be linked to Evan telling Cameron that he threw a colleague under a bus? And is this why we see Cameron in tears? Or could Camerons tears be linked to Chloe, as we see him trying to convince Ange that Evan is bad news for her daughter? Theres certainly cause for concern as we see Chloe in a car with Evan leaning over her – and she looks terrified.

9. Theres something wrong with Ric! Zav tells Donna that he doesnt think Rics coping, but when he talks to Ric about it, Ric accuses Zav of being the one whos struggling on AAU. Whats going on? We also see Xavier on one knee with a red balloon, and it looks veryRead More – Source

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