Modern Warfare 4: Call of Duty 2019 could add pro perks and classic killstreaks once again

Modern Warfare 4: Call of Duty 2019 could add pro perks and classic killstreaks once again (Pic: Activision Blizzard)

While we wait for Activision and Infinity Ward to officially announce their Call of Duty game for 2019, details surrounding a supposed Modern Warfare sequel have continued to surface.

The latest leak, reported by news site Gaming INTEL, claims that the next Call of Duty will see the return of pro perks in its online multiplayer, while another rumour hints at classic killstreaks from past games MW2 and MW3 also making a return.

According to the source of these leaks, Infinity Wards vision for the upcoming sequel is to pivot away from current trends and take Modern Warfare back to its roots.

Pro perks were introduced to the series with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Each perk came tagged with a challenge that, upon completion, granted access to a supercharged version of that particular perk.

For example, MW2s Marathon perk gave players unlimited sprint while Marathon Pro also allowed them to climb obstacles faster. Similarly, where Scrambler helped to jam the radars of nearby players, Scrambler Pro added a slight delay when triggering enemy claymores.

More recent Call of Duty games took a step away from pro perks for simpler, more straightforward loadout systems.

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The second rumour surrounding killstreaks doesnt go into detail, simply stating that Infinity Ward will be rolling its existing killstreaks from past games into MW4.

Call of Duty fans will remember that the original Modern Warfare had only three killstreaks – the UAV, airstrike, and helicopter.

Over the years, these have become more and more elaborate, with changes to the streak system such as pointstreaks and deathstreaks.

If Modern Warfare 4 double dips on those past games, expect the return of care packages, as well as sentry guns, Juggernauts, and of course the dreaded nuclear missile.

Of course, none of this has been substantiated by developer Infinity Ward.

That said, it honestly wouldnt be a surprise. Its no secret that the teams recent Call of Duty games have been fairly hit and miss, 2013s Ghosts showing the series at its most fatigued.

Meanwhile Infinite Warfare angered fans by reworking its online multiplayer too much, despite having one of the better story-driven campaign modes in the series to date.

(Pic: Activision)

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