Neighbours spoilers: Bonnie Anderson on Chloe and Elly romance and reveals future for the baby

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Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) is finding life pretty tough right now in Neighbours, having cheated on Mark with his sister, and later cheating with someone else and finding herself pregnant.

And even worse – shes pretending the baby is Marks. Theres only one way this can all end, and thats badly. But could Chloe be there to pick up the pieces?

Elly is currently living in fear of Mark finding out the truth of her unborn baby that has been fathered by Finn Kellys (Rob Mills) brother Shaun.

Speaking of whether Chloe and Elly could get back together in the future, Bonnie told I think theyre amazing together, and I love the idea of it.

I think it was very hard for all of us to fathom – I love Mark, Bea loves Mark and it was wrong what they did, but there was also a part that Mark didnt really give Elly what she needed at the time, he was a bit distant at times.



I think their love has been pushed to many different places. Whatever happens with Elly shes going to be good. Hopefully Marks OK with it though, I feel sorry for him.

Now that Elly is pregnant though, it throws up new issues for the teacher. Shes kept the truth about the paternity to herself, but no doubt it wont remain secret for much longer – especially with Shaun hanging around.

Bonnie wants to see Chloe and Elly together
(Picture: Channel 5)

With no doubt explosive times ahead, will Elly still be able to rely on her sister as she awaits the arrival of her baby?

Bonnie told Jodi and I on a personal level we spoke about the whole storyline and our pasts and our history with our family, and our mother, and we missed out on having a nice upbringing, we didnt have our dads around and we had a hard mother who was hard work and selfish.

The beautiful thing were going to share with this child, well do anything to protect it. She just wants the absolute best life for her niece or nephew, whatever its going to be, and thats the beautiful story were forming now even before the baby is born, weve created this backstory thats something very special.

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