EastEnders spoilers: Devastating scenes for Bex Fowler after horrific attack?

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EastEnders is preparing to air some dark scenes for troubled teenager Bex Fowler (Jasmine Armfield) after her life continues to spiral out of control – leading to her being left devastated. At the moment, fans are seeing the pressure mount on Bex ahead of her exams and amid her confused feelings for Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami).

As the tension on her mounts, parents Martin and Sonia (James Bye and Natalie Cassidy) will be oblivious to exactly what their daughter is going through. Scenes have already been revealed of Bex in a strained argument with a newcomer outside a university open day and things from there just get even worse.

Jasmine has been filming scenes on location which show Bex disheveled and in tears as she wanders the streets alone. It seems that she has run away from home – but is EastEnders lining up a homelessness storyline for her?



We cant reveal what gets Bex to this stage but a TV source promised us dramatic scenes for Bex.

They whispered to Bex has been surrounded by pressure and ever since the death of Shakil, things have been slowly overwhelming her. We will see her lose absolute control of her life and this turmoil could just be the beginning.

Bex is out of control and she needs serious help. For too long people havent noticed what this pressure could lead to – and it could be too late…

EXC ALL ROUND HUGE EASTENDER SPOILER The dark storyline of Bex Fowler (Jasmine Armield) begins Bex Fowler who appears to have run away from Walford seen looking tired and disheveled on the backstreets of East London, by a derelict arch .. could she be on drugs? Her face is covered in makeup from tears and she is seen being eyed up and approached by a middle aged man asking her if she is ok and comments that she looks tired. He thens says to her that he has a room nearby would she like to go there ? Bex looks terrified not knowing what to do runs away as fast as she can and the middle aged man carries on shouting at her. This is the very first scenes of this very dark storyline about to unfold. Please call to agree online fees BYLINE TO READ ISOIMAGES LTD
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The scenes show a stranger approach Bex and it seems that he is checking on her to see if she is okay. But as she runs away crying and clearly terrified, has he threatened or attacked her in some way?

And can Bex get home safe?

There are a number of theories that could lead Bex to this dark place – has she been rejected by Kush or lost out on a place at university? Is her new found friend more trouble than she is worth and has got her into serious trouble?

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