Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet Finch is brutally attacked after a row with Dawn Taylor tonight

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Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) is brutally attacked tonight but who is behind the sudden assault and does she have a stalker as it emerges that this is just the beginning of a long running ordeal for the terrified vicar.

As Emmerdale continues, Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) plays dirty at the factory in the wake of Jai Sharmas (Chris Bisson) decision to make staff cuts. After she successfully ensures that Aiesha Jutla (Shila Iqbal) is the one to face the sack after setting her up, Harriet is less than impressed with Dawn.

Having taken Dawn under her wing, Harriet gives her stern words but Dawn isnt set to listen to reason and refuses to back down, making it clear its a dog eat dog world and she has no remorse about Aiesha being sacked.

Later on in the village, a hooded figure suddenly attacks Harriet and she is left shaken but unable to identify her attacker. Dawn instantly becomes a suspect but Harriet wont hear of it – she trusts Dawn and doesnt think she would go to those lengths to hurt her after they have started to bond again.



But if it wasnt Dawn, who could possibly have it in for Harriet? Could a criminal from her past work as a detective be on the loose for revenge? Or is it someone closer to home?

Whatever happens, things soon get more serious when the campaign continues and the church is doused threateningly in red paint.

Viewers will no doubt be concerned for HarrietRead More – Source

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