Endgame to be longest Avengers movie as run time of 182 minutes is leaked

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As we eagerly await the premiere of Avengers: Endgame (just a month away, guys) the runtime of the hotly anticipated flick may have been released.

While punters had previously been claiming the flick is going to be a massive three hours long, it seems they may have been right on the money.

AMC Theatres had begun listing the Russo Brothers flick at three hours and two minutes long. Or 182 minutes for those who really want some drama.



That is bum-numbingly long, but what did we expect? Weve been preparing for this news.

It appears theyve since removed the runtime from their website, but not before some very swift Twitter users screengrabbed the moment for posterity.

AMC has update their website with the official synopsis for #AvengersEndgame and lists the runtime as 3 hours, 2 minutes.

— Jeremy Conrad (@ManaByte) March 25, 2019

It was only a couple months ago the directors of the flick Anthony and Joe Russo were having trouble editing the thing down.

Joe previously said of the epic in November: The running time on Avengers 4 is currently sitting right at three hours. Well see if that holds.

At the time he added that they still had a long way to go on finishing up the movie as he told fans: Were about halfway through the editing process. Were really just scratching the surface on our VFX shots. There are more than 3,000 VFX shots in the movie; those require a lot of time and thought and energy and effort, and were very early in the phase of getting VFX done.

Weve just started work with Alan Silvestri on the score, and were still editing picture at this point.

Captain Marvel meets Thor

Its happening (Picture: Marvel)

Guess theres just so much goodness in the final tale of the third phase, they had to make sure they squeezed every last drop.

Itll be the longest in the Avengers world, though, after the last instalment, Infinity War had a runtime of 149 minutes (so thats two hours and 29 minutes).



Captain America: Civil War was a walk in the park at 147 minutes long (two hours and 27 minutes), while OG The Avengers and Age of Ultron nearly touched the two and a half hour mark at 143 minutes and 141 minutes respectively.

Some may think this sort of running time is going to be a real drag on the concentration, no less a test for the bladder (best just get a small drink, yeah?), but Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has insisted youll be sweet.

He recently told Collider: Its gonna be the exact running time that the movie needs to be.

I think theres a lot of story in that movie and a lot of characters in that moviRead More – Source

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