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As if the House of Commons hadnt seen enough drama over the last couple of years, a new row has blown up over what exactly Jeremy Corbyn muttered during Prime Ministers Questions, after having a heated exchange with Theresa May.

What do you think Jeremy Corbyn said about Theresa May at the end of their exchanges? Have a look

— Laura Kuenssberg (@bbclaurak) December 19, 2018

The suggestion was that he said “Stupid woman”, although he insisted that he actually said “Stupid people”. The internet was pretty divided on the truth of the matter.

FYI- I have to say, I saw Jeremy Corbin call the Prime Minister a “stupid woman” with my own eyes watching on @SkyNewsPolitics

— Rob Lowe (@RobLowe) December 19, 2018

Here's the footage slowed down 1/3rd speed.

It is clear that Jeremy Corbyn did NOT call Theresa May a #StupidWoman.

Corbyn's second word clearly begins with a "P".

Also note that he looks around at MPs when he says it. The second word is clearly "people"

— Evolve Politics (@evolvepolitics) December 19, 2018

Comedian Tiernan Douieb noticed one area of consensus.

I love that no ones contesting the stupid part of it. #stupidwoman

— You Can't Even Call It Tiernan Douieb Anymore (@TiernanDouieb) December 19, 2018

Were not sure that this is entirely scientific, but it is funny.

Did Jeremy Corbyn call Theresa May a #stupidwoman? To be absolutely sure we must perform the Rene from Allo Allo audio synchronisation test

— Big Field (@BBCBigField) December 19, 2018

These other 18 people also had some excellent takes on #stupidwomangate.


To be clear, I don't think Theresa May is a #StupidWoman

I think she's an incompetent, heartless, emotionally void, xenophobic, feckless, flailing and failing woman.

The fact that she's also bright enough to know better is more of an insult than calling her stupid.

— Russ (@RussInCheshire) December 19, 2018


Fact. I cant tell whether Corbyn said “woman” or “people”. If he said “woman”, thats obviously unacceptable.

Also fact. This country is still in the shit over Brexit, with a government that puts ideology and xenophobia above all else still determined to lead us over a cliff.

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) December 19, 2018


Parliament's message to the world as we flail towards Brexit: "Please bear with us, we're trying to work out if one of us is stupid or we're all stupid." #StupidWoman #StupidPeople

— Richard Littler (@richard_littler) December 19, 2018


Yeah Corbyn may have said "Stupid woman" in parliament today but remember that time May screamed DROWN THE POOR and then threw a cat into a ceiling fan

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) December 19, 2018


My little 5-year-old nephew just said “Uncle Boris, why is everyone getting so upset at Mr #Corbyn calling the Prime Minister stupid when youre always calling her a sour-faced sack of putrid donkey jizz?”

Kids, eh?#PMQs #stupidwoman

— Boris Johnson . . . . . not (@BorisJohnson_MP) December 19, 2018


I've seen the replay, Corbyn didn't say #stupidwoman, he said:

"Jog on you shameless f**k, your policies have inflicted misery & death at home & abroad – while you dance back & forth to Brussels in a bid to retain the confidence of a racist party who are scared of line dancing"

— Jack D ? (@JackDunc1) December 19, 2018


The last time i saw #Tories this passionate about something, it was when they voted to cut disability payments by £30. They really have skewed view on things. #stupidwoman #stupidwomangate #StupidTories #StupidPeople

— Christopher Johnston (@johnston277) December 19, 2018


Is it true that Scotland, Ireland and all other spectator nations are out of popcorn watching the May/Corbyn #StupidGate #Liargate fiasco? ?

— Angus B MacNeil MP (@AngusMacNeilSNP) December 20, 2018


I am a trained lip reader, and can categorically state that Jeremy Corbyn actually said "Stop murdering homeless people, pensioners and the poor with your policies designed to appease the fascists in your party" #PMQs

— Migs (@mfemigs) December 19, 2018

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