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Pakistani PM claims Jesus had no mention in history, Twitterati dont turn the other cheek

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to share an unexpected historical insight: Jesus Christ apparently never existed. Predictably, this landed him in hot water.

To make matters worse, Khan made the remarks at a conference celebrating the birthday of none other than the Prophet Mohammed. Praising the greatness of the Muslim prophet, the politician suddenly delved deeper into religious history than anyone was expecting.

“Moses does find some mention but we dont find mention of Hasrat Isa [Jesus Christ] in human history,” Khan said.

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The video of the speech went viral, with many observers left baffled by Khans sudden authority on Bible matters. Some mocked him, accusing him of ignorance.

Commenters rushed to remind the PM that Jesus is even mentioned multiple times in the Quran.

Jesus mentioned numerous times in Quran ,,at least 34 times if Im not wrong ,,,Sura Maryam at his mother

— Afzal Muhammad (@Afzal7404) November 20, 2018

“Jesus Christ is by far the most mentioned both verbally & written individual in history,” Senator Tahir Hussain Mashhadi wrote.

There has to be some limit to ignorance.Jesus Christ is by far the most mentioned both verbally & written individual in history. His life & teachings have been taught, researched,discussed, studied,learnt,revered & he is most worshipped & influential than any personage in history

— Senator T Mashhadi (@SenatorMashhadi) November 20, 2018

Other said that attacking Jesus is not something a leader of a Muslim-majority country should do, and noted that these types of statements offend Pakistans Christian community.

I cant believe it.Forget abt human history he hasnt even read quran as prophet Essa Jesus elah-e-salam is most talked abt after prophet Muhammad PBUH. Our religion does not allow us to talk about any prophet like this. The reverence & stature of hazmat Jesus/Essa doesnt allow

— fauzia yazdani (@yazdanifauzia) November 20, 2018

(4): If you Mr. @ImranKhanPTI are not aware of history then kindly stop issuing such silly statements. And yes you should apologize to the entire Christian community for making these mindless remarks.

— Suleman Khairullah (@Suleman_ahmad) November 21, 2018

Some commenters, however, came to Khans defense, saying his words were taken out of context and what he meant is that theres no mention of Jesus in the historical records.

This is not the complete speech. This clip is just circulated on social media out of the context …

— iSleepTheory (@Opto_Bot) November 20, 2018

He is clearly saying "HUMAN HISTORY"
Gather some knowledge & then critique lol

— Faizan (@mfaydan) November 20, 2018

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