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George Osborne said we should have stressed the benefits of immigration – the only 11 takedowns you need to read

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has given an interview in which he suggests more should have been done to stress the positive aspects of immigration. Sadly, this didnt occur to him while he was in a position to do something about it. The irony of his statement has led to some quite serious burns – including these.


Man who set whole country on fire admits he should maybe have not lit the match.

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) October 16, 2018


"I was happy enough when the public blamed immigrants instead of austerity for NHS and education cuts. But then it derailed my political career…"

— Jonathan Portes (@jdportes) October 15, 2018


"We should not have played a key role in stirring for years the nationalist sentiment that led directly to Brexit while pushing for a referendum then orchestrating a farcical campaign to Remain because it is quite embarrassing for me in my new role of centrist tieless chillaxer."

— barney farmer (@barneyfarmer) October 15, 2018


tfw your karma runs over your dogma

— Steve Peers (@StevePeers) October 15, 2018


Yeh, well you didn't. You fucked us over & fucked off. So, with respect, fuck off again.

— William Oliver (@Bill_ee_O) October 15, 2018


"We were shamelessly racist."

"We use immigration to scare the plebs".

"We are Tories, that's just what we do."

— SbyBt (@SbyBT) October 15, 2018


Easily done. Whoops, we set an absurd migration target. Whoops, we create a hostile environment. Whoops, we send the "Go home" vans round. Whoops, we blame austerity on immigrants. Could happen to anyone.

— Roy Apps (@infradigger) October 16, 2018


I wonder, does Osborne also regret the rhetoric towards welfare claimants, and the policy of swingeing austerity cuts to services? While opposition to immigration was doubtless important, the choices made in the Treasury also may have played a role in influencing 2016 choices.

— Rob Ford (@robfordmancs) October 15, 2018


George Osborne: "We certainly made mistakes, I am not for a second pretending we didnt. […] I think the immigration rhetoric was too harsh, we should have stressed the benefits of immigration."
Thanks Mr Osborne, we've really enjoyed being the whipping boy for the last 3 years

— the3million (@The3Million) October 15, 2018



If only hed been firing on all cylinders at the time.


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