American Pie star Tara Reid tossed from flight after furious rage over seats and pillows

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock (9794370gi) Tara Reid 'The Last Sharknado: It's About Time' film premiere, Los Angeles, USA - 19 Aug 2018

Tara Reid (Picture: Rex)

American Pie actress Tara Reid was removed from a flight on Monday after she flew into a furious rage over her lack of window seat and pillow.

The 42-year-old was also thought to have been left unhappy that the person in the seat in front of her reclined their chair before take-off.

A Delta spokesperson confirmed that flight attendants attempted to resolve the issue but were given no choice but to ask Tara to leave the flight, revealing to TMZ that she later boarded a second flight.

It is thought that the captain had already left the gate but returned the aircraft during the commotion, announcing to fellow passengers that the plane was dealing with a customer service issue.

Video taken from inside the plane shows Tara later leaving with her dog in hand; she looks visibly upset and ignore the flight attendant when he asks which bag is hers.

Tara Reid Sharknado EXCL

Tara has acknowledged has batshit crazy the Sharknado films are (Picture: Syfy)

In recent years Tara has found fame for appearing in the cult Sharknado movies, and she told that she is just as shocked as everyone else that they managed to wring six movies – and counting – out of the franchise.



People love the crazy humour and the movies are so bad theyre good, she told us.

Theyre so outrageous. I never thought there would be a Sharknado 2! Its one of these things, like, “are you kidding me?”, we didnt even get it… Its a cult phenomenon. How do they come up with these storylines?

After I gave birth in a shark from outer space, how were they doing to top that?

Its so crazy and thats what makes it so funny. Everyone is laughing at it but you have to play the character straight and thats where the humour is. If we were laughing along it wouldnt be as funny. has contacted reps for Tara for comment.

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