Pizza box turns into a food tray so you can munch on a cheesy slice in bed

Pizza box is designed so you can eat pizza in bed Boston Pizza
(Picture: Boston Pizza)

Is there anything more luxurious than breakfast in bed, sweetly made by a loved one, and propped up on a cute little food tray?

Well there is, and thats pizza in bed. Long gone are the days of worrying about getting grease marks printed onto your duvet covers and possibly your clothes if youre a klutz.

Now, you can turn the cardboard box your pizza comes in into a tray that will provide a mess-free eating experience.

Pizza box is designed so you can eat pizza in bed Boston Pizza
(Picture: Boston Pizza)

Boston Pizza, a pizzeria based in Canada (and not Boston, Massachusetts, U.S, as the name suggests) has come up with the clever hack.

The pizzeria teamed up with an advertising agency John St. to design the thing weve all been unconsciously waiting for.

The BP in Bed box is purposely designed so it can be restructured to create stands that will hold up the base, giving you room to wriggle your legs through.

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If setting up the box sounds like constructing flatpack furniture to you then dont worry, it comes with simple instructions on how to put it together (with pictures).

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Sadly though, the clever hack hasnt come to the UK yet so well all be eating our pizzas away from the bedroom. Unless we just invest in a tray, of course.

But we love a good food-packaging-turns-into something story, so weve found other hacks to ease your lives.

Did you know you could turn the average supermarket sandwich packaging into a plate? Just unfold the whole thing and itll become a flat square. That should make the very British act of putting crisps in your sarnie much easier.

If youve been in a fast food restaurant and been handed a ketchup cup, the chances are youre gonna struggle to dip your cheeseburger into the tiny opening.

But did you know it fans out to make a plate, therefore allowing you to dip as much as you want?

The same is true for Chinese takeout; the cardboard boxes double as plates.

So go forth and spread the joy of finding out about multipurpose packaging.

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