McDonalds in Malaysia launches salted caramel and chocolate pies

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A new dessert item has been added to McDonalds menus in Malaysia and we want it to be brought to the UK immediately.

The new addition is a salted caramel and chocolate pie, which looks just like the super popular apple pie.

The pie is described as being a warm chocolate and salted caramel filling in a crispy pie shell.

The McDonalds website also says its truly a delight. We bet it is.

People who have already bought it have been posting photos of it to Instagram. One person said the flavour of the pie isnt very strong, but comes with hints of coffee.

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They added its definitely a dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth.

While Malaysia gets the good stuff, at least the UK has the return of the Smarties McFlurry.

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Sure, its not new but its a firm favourite.

A couple of weeks ago we announced the return of the limited edition ice cream, which is made up of vanilla ice cream topped with Smarties and chocolate sauce.

It was relaunched on 26 September – however youll have to make the most of it, because its only going to be on the menus until 17 November.

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