Rob Delaney didnt have to audition for Deadpool 2 – but Russell Crowe did?

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Sometimes in Hollywood, an actor is deemed so perfect for a role that they dont even have to audition – just ask Rob Delaney.

The 41-year-old star has revealed that he didnt have to go through the arduous process of showing off his acting prowess when it came to Deadpool 2 because Ryan Reynolds – who directs and plays the lead in the Marvel comic book movie – simply offered him the part.

During his appearance on Sunday Brunch, Rob, who plays Peter, said Ryan loved his work on 2015 British sitcom Catastrophe.

It so happened that Ryan Reynolds watched Catastrophe and enjoyed it. And so he just called and said, “Hey, do you want to be in the movie?” And I was like, “Yeah, Id like that”. And he was like, “Do you want to know what youll be doing?” and I said, “I dont care”.

Rob Delaney didn't have to audition for Deadpool - but Russell Crowe did?

Rob Delaney playing Peter (Picture: Youtube)

Ryans leap of faith definitely paid off because Peter, an average middle-aged man with no powers who joins the X-Force, has quickly became a fan favourite.



And if Ryan has his way, fans will be seeing a lot more of Peter. Blake Livelys hubby recently revealed plans for a spin-off focused on Peter called Deadpool 3: Absolutely Peter.

He explained: I would love to see a Peter spin-off movie ASAP. I love Peter. Thats probably one of my favourite characters.

News that Rob just waltz in is likely to leave Russell seething because he was actually asked to audition. Back in July, it was reported that the Gladiator star felt insulted after being asked to read for the part of Cable.

Speaking to Collider, creator Rob Leifeld revealed the moment he was left red-faced because he stupidly tweeted to Russell Crowe – not ever thinking hed answer me – and I go “Hey Russell, you should read for Cable!”

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Its reported that Russell never has to read for any of his roles, so the bold-faced move was never going to go down well.

Leifeld said that when he woke up he got yelled at a lot and Russell Crowe, who is based in Australia, had replied: Read for it?!

My manager said “Yeah, Russell Crowe doesnt read for parts Rob, you kind of insulted him.” Im like “Im sorry! They just havent picked Cable yet so Im just putting it out there.” And then my phone rings, so some Fox people may or may not have yelled at me for an hour.



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