Emmerdale spoilers: Is Rebecca White dead or alive as Lachlan reaches his dramatic end?

Rebecca kills Lachlan in Emmerdale?
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The biggest ongoing mystery in Emmerdale right now – aside from the fact that a brooding, sneering and very weirdly behaving man keeps getting away with killing people in practically plain sight – is just what has happened to Rebecca White?

Lachlans other victims had a very definite full stop placed on them after their fates – from the crash that killed off Chrissie and Lawrence to half of a B&B coming down on top of Gerry Roberts. Due to the fact that Rebecca has Seb and also combined with the fact he has already caused her to lose so much through the deaths of her relatives and also her brain injury, Lachlan seemed to have a bit more of a conscience when it came to killing his aunt.

For that reason, he kept her hostage in a cabin for weeks but after she made an attempt to escape, it seemed that he was about to finish her off for good as he grabbed her and she struggled for life.

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Rebecca escapes in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Rebecca hasnt been seen since and it seems unlikely that shed simply be persuaded to just walk away – or that Lachlan would let her. As he has buried con man Terry – a body which is uncovered next week – has he done the same to Rebecca?

In a high octane week, Lachlans true colours are finally exposed as Belle learns the horrific truth about what he has done – but will he also finally reveal the fate of Rebecca so that fans can finally know if she is dead or alive?

Its been a huge talking point for viewers, and with Lachlans story reaching its climax, answers will come sooner rather than later, surely…

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