Coronation Street spoilers: Kate Connor says a painful goodbye as Rana Nazir leaves

Kate and Rana split up in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Rana Nazir is heading out of Coronation Street on an extended break with her mum Saira – and she could also be saying goodbye to her relationship with Kate Connor after a devastating ultimatum. Surely this is not the end for Kana?

Rana is avoiding telling Saira that she and Kate are together after all – after she lied in order to be able to say goodbye to her dying dad Hassan. As Kate gets frustrated as the ruse continues, Imran Habeeb tries to persuade his sister to take his place on the cruise with their mum.

Alya urges Rana not to dismiss what could be her last chance to repair her relationship with her mum and Rana agrees to go on the trip, much to Sairas delight. But Kate is gutted and tells Rana in no uncertain terms that she wont be waiting for her if she does go.

Imran talks to Kate in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

This puts Rana in a devastating dilemma and she tearfully opens up to Imran, looking for guidance over what to do as either way, she faces losing someone that she loves. Meanwhile, Daniel Osbourne tells Kate that her ultimatum is a little unfair, but will she listen?

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Though it pains her, Rana eventually decides to go on the trip and she and Kate prepare for a painful goodbye. But will they make amends before they part ways?

And will they be able to pick up where they left off when Rana does return in the autumn?

And the biggest question of all – what are we meant to do without Kana for six weeks!?

One to watch: Friday 31st August at 7:30pm on ITV.

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