You can now buy salted caramel fudge KitKat Chunky bars from Sainsburys


Chocolate lovers, rejoice: Salted Caramel KitKat Chunky bars are a thing.

Products UK, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing information on the latest foods in stores, revealed the brand new chocolate bars, which can be found in Sainsburys.

The chocolate bars feature the signature wafer, with a salted caramel fudge filling, encased in Nestle chocolate.

Though theres no information on the price just yet, specialty KitKat Chunkys, such as the cheesecake edition, cost 65p.

Since the photo has been shared online its gone on to receive 194 likes and plenty of comments from excited users.

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One person tagged their friend, writing: Right up your street!

Another person said: Eek! Defo need to try.

Though salted caramel is a new flavour for the KitKat Chunky, its not entirely new to KitKat.

(Picture: Nestle)

Nestles other release, the Kit Kat Senses, has originally featured this flavour alongside hazelnut and double chocolate.

The chocolate bars are bite-sized and individually wrapped, and are basically teeny versions of the KitKat.

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A chocolate-covered wafer is covered with a layer of praline, with either hazelnut, salted caramel flakes or a rich ganache with chunks of milk chocolate on top, smothered in Nestle chocolate.


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