Emmerdale spoilers: More is revealed about Amelia Spencers kidnapper Beth tonight

Emmerdale reveals more details about Amelia's kidnapper Beth
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The reveal of a young woman named Beth holding Amelia Spencer hostage in her flat posed more questioned than it answered this week but Emmerdale is set to explore the storyline and the strange relationship that the pair have developed tonight.

As Dan and Kerry try desperately to find Amelia and wait anxiously for news, not knowing whether the teenager is dead or alive, Amelia is living relatively comfortably as Beth feeds her and appears to be being nice to her.

It seems that Beth is the one who has been reaching out to Amelia on chat rooms so the possibility is that Amelia went to her willingly – but whether she knows her true nature or her motive for snatching her away is another matter.

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Tonights hour long episode will show further scenes between the two girls but can Beth keep things up as Amelia begins to question whether she should go home?

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Meanwhile, Daz remains convinced that his dark past – which saw him accidentally shoot a fellow soldier dead during a live army exercise – is connected to what has happened to Amelia and it certainly seems that Beth holds a grudge.

So is her final aim revenge on Daz – and how far will she go to achieve it?

When Daz then receives a call demanding ransom, is this the beginning of the end for Amelias ordeal?

Emmerdale continues on Thursday 21st June at 7pm on ITV.

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