Bongino: Democrats Wont Say Spy Because It Implicates Obama

Dan Bongino On Why Dems Won't Say 'Spy' (Fox News: May 28, 2018) Photo of Amber Athey

10:27 AM 05/28/2018







Former secret service agent Dan Bongino said on Fox News Monday that Democrats and the legacy media are reluctant to use the word “spy” to refer to a confidential informant in the Trump campaign because doing so could implicate former President Obama.


“The reason theyre dancing around this spy vs. informant narrative is precisely because of what you just asked…the role of Obama,” Bongino asserted.

News outlets like CNN and The New York Times have suggested President Donald Trump is lying when he says there was a “spy” in his campaign and have instead claimed the person was just an “informant” keeping tabs on Russian election meddling. (RELATED: Dear New York Times: Call A Spy A Spy)

“Spy would mean it was someone from the outside inserted or designed to interact with the campaign to get information,” Bongino argued. “Meaning someone told them to do it. An informant would be someone inside the operation who saw something negative and wanted to come out and speak about it.”

Bongino suggested that the FBI spy was ordered to infiltrate the Trump campaign by then-President Obama.

“Thats why theyre not using the word spy, precisely because it implicates Obama who put him from the outside into the Trump campaign,” he concluded.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has denied that he and President Obama had any knowledge of the operation. (RELATED: Clapper: Obama Had No Knowledge Of FBI Informant In The Trump Campaign)

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