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Frankfurt Airport warns travellers to expect serious delays due to strike

Frankfurt Airport. Photo: DPA

Public service strikes are set to seriously impact travellers through Frankfurt Airport on Tuesday, with long waiting times and cancellations likely.

The airport warned on its website on Monday that the strikes could lead to “considerable delays in operating procedures and also to cancellations.”


The strikes come from public service union Ver.di, which is asking for a six percent pay increase for public service workers from state and local governments, with a minimum increase of €200 each month.

Ver.di, which represents 2.3 million public workers in Germany, has stated that its workers are not being fairly compensated for the amount of work they do, despite employers having the money to pay at a higher and fairer rate.

The union is hoping to increase pressure on employers ahead of the next round of wage talks on April 15th and 16th.

Particularly affected at Frankfurt Airport on Tuesday will be the security control areas for gates A-Z in Terminal 1, which are all set to be closed. Long waiting times are expected at the airport's other security areas.

“Rallies by the strikers could also lead to obstructions to transport routes, meaning reaching the airport by car will take longer,” the airport said.

Travellers are recommended to arrive at the air hub, Germanys largest airport, as early as possible.

Public service strikes are also expected to affect airports in Munich, Cologne and Bremen on Tuesday.

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