Home and Away spoilers: Alf is knocked unconscious by Dean and Willow

Alf gets knocked out by Dean and Willow in Home and Away
Dean and Willow have been experiencing money troubles in Home and Away (Picture: Channel 5)

Willow and Dean have been going through some rough times lately, with Willow losing her job after selling gym equipment and the pair getting kicked out of the caravan park. After they get discovered squatting in the Pier Apartment and thrown out, Willow worries about where theyre going to live.

Meanwhile, Dean is getting hassled by Brett – the guy who loaned him money to pay off the gambling debt Willow racked up.

When Brett ambushes him, demanding his money back within 24 hours, he realises hes got to come up with money quick. He tells a horrified Willow that his plan is to skim credit cards at Salt, but she agrees to go through with it.

As Dean distracts the staff at Salt, Willow fits the machine with the skimmer. Dean suggests they hide in Salt until the end of the night, when they can grab the skimmer.

Alf gets knocked out by Dean and Willow in Home and Away
Willow is reluctant to go through with Deans plan to get money (Picture: Channel 5)

When Willow sees Irene using her card on the skimmer, she feels guilty, and questions whether they should take the cash, but Dean tells her the banks reimburse skimmed money.

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As the pair collect the skimmer, they dont realise Alf is downstairs in the Surf Club, finishing up for the night.

They make a run for it, knocking Alf over and leaving him unconscious. What will happen to him?

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