Fancy flashing your bum cheeks in sheer trousers? Fashion Novas got your back

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Fancy flashing your bum cheeks in sheer trousers? Fashion Nova's got your back

(Picture: Fashion Nova)

Fashion Nova is selling some questionable cover up sheer trousers that dont actually cover anything up.

The trousers were advertised on the fashion retailers curve Instagram, where theyve received lots of comments from confused shoppers who dont really understand the point in them.

The sheer trousers come with ruffles on the side and are made using polyester and spandex.

They dont sound that bad, do they? Well, they get worse.

Shoppers are disgusted as fashion brand sell ?19 ?stripper? trousers ? but would YOU wear the crotchless coverups? fashionnova

(Picture: Fashion Nova)

The wide leg trousers have cut outs for your bum cheeks and your upper thighs.

The model posing in them wears them with a swimsuit, so were guessing this is more beachwear.

The bum cut outs dont look all that practical – or comfortable, and theyre far too long to wear on the beach without tripping over in the sand face first.

Its a no from us, and the people on Fashion Novas Instagram post agree.

One person said: Dude. I love your clothes and all, but those are not even pants.



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Someone else wrote: Im done with the internet for tonight.

And wed have to agree. Time to log off Instagram and head into an actual shop to try on our beach clothes.

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