Coronation Street spoilers: Sean Tully is beaten up as his homeless situation gets worse

Sean is attacked as his homeless situation gets worse in Corrie
(Picture: ITV)

Sean Tullys nightmare while living on the streets is about to get even worse in Coronation Street when he is viciously attacked – but as his pride continues to stop him from seeking any help, this is just the beginning of his hell.

When Violet Wilson contacts Sean to tell him that she hasnt received any maintenance payments for Dylan, Sean covers and tells Eileen Grimshaw that it is just a bank mix up. He then hears about a grotty bedsit that Dev Alahans mate has put up for rent but tries to explain that he cant pay a deposit until he is paid.

Sean soon finds himself sleeping rough again but lies to another homeless person called Carol that he is doing it for charity and hands her his tent. After getting paid, Sean learns that the bedsit has gone to someone else so he tries to get the tent back from Carol but she refuses.

Sean is scared in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Heading to the public toilets, Sean is attacked and robbed and Carol takes him to hospital where he is forced to admit to her – and indeed himself – that he is homeless. Sean wonders how his life has come to this when Carol takes him to a homeless encampment in the park.

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At work the next day, Sean is embarrassed when Henry Newton notices a strange smell and later, when Carol finds him in the urban garden, he admits that he is starving and is forced to accept a half eaten pizza she hands him.

But with Sean still keeping up the pretence to his friends and neighbours that nothing is wrong, will things get steadily more hopeless for him?

One to watch: Wednesday 1st August at 7:30pm on ITV.

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