Coronation Street spoilers: Seb hides his HIV status as he dates Emma

Seb hides his HIV status as he dates Emma in Corrie
(Picture: ITV)

Since arriving as the apprentice at the salon, Emma immediately dived into a relationship with David Platt but that wasnt to be as at the time, he was secretly trying to deal with the torment of being raped by Josh Tucker and had pushed Shona Ramsey away.

But Coronation Street look set to be lining up a brand new romance for her when Seb Franklin pays an interest – however, he is worried about how she might react to the fact that he is HIV positive.

Abi encourages her son to go for it and when he asks her out on a date she agrees but he cant go through with telling her about his HIV status as he is nervous about putting her off. When she does discover the truth, will it put her off?

Seb also has the issue of Faye Windass to worry about as she watches them from afar and he consciously plays it cool with Emma so as not to hurt her.

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He finally gets a chance to speak to Faye and explain to her that he is going on a date with Emma so Faye hides her upset and pretends that she is cool with it.

But will she be the one to inform Emma that Seb has HIV?

One to watch: Tuesday 26th June at 8pm on ITV.

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