Amazon doubles down on UK investment with 2,500 new jobs

Amazon will create 2,500 new permanent jobs in the UK by the end of this year, in what the chancellor called a "clear vote of confidence" in the British economy.

The number is lower than the 5,000 new roles added last year, when the e-commerce giant moved to a new HQ building in Shoreditch.

This year's new hires will include software developers, engineers and technicians. They will be spread across the country at development centres in Cambridge, Edinburgh and London, as well as the Edinburgh customer service centre and various regional fulfilment centres.

Amazon's expanding range of products and services will also contribute to the growing headcount, with new jobs at AmazonFresh, Amazon Fashion and Prime Video among others.

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Doug Gurr, country manager of Amazon UK, said that the UK was "a fantastic place to do business".

"Whether you are looking for an entry-level role or in highly-specialised fields such as speech science or machine learning, we are proud to be expanding our UK workforce so we can further improve our products and services like AmazonFresh, Prime Video and Amazon Alexa," he said.

At a meeting with journalists today, Gurr responded to the GMB Union's allegations of poor working conditions in some Amazon facilities by saying Amazon prided itself on the "quality" of jobs, not just the quantity.

The chancellor Philip Hammond welcomed the news, saying: “Innovative companies, such as Amazon, will be at the forefront of our new economy. And I welcome the news that they are creating 2,500 permanent, new jobs across the country. Its a clear vote of confidence in our workforce and our economy.”

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