You can now get adult Heelys to roll around town like the legend you are

You can now get adult Heelys to roll around town like the legend you are
Oh good Lord (Picture: Alyx Studio)

Walking everywhere can be tiring, amirite?

Some people combat this by using adult scooters but what they gain in speed they lose in street cred. Yes, we are all judging you. Especially when you use cycle lanes and get in everyones way.

A better option for tired humans is a Heely.

A what now?

Cmon, remember? Those trainers with wheels in the heels that were popular with kids in the 90s? Around the same time we were all coveting sneakers with lights in the sole?

The only problem is that Heelys only came in kids sizes – seriously, why do people under 10 have all the fun? – up until now.

Heelys has teamed up with fashion brand Alyx to launch a special version with larger sizes for big kids, and oh hell yeah.

Would you just look at them?

Alyx Studio x Heelys adult wheeled sneakers
(Picture: Alyx Studio)

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The wheels are glittery, people

(Picture: Alyx Studio)
(Picture: Alyx Studio)

The adult versions are white patterned high tops with a black rubber sole and a clear, glitter wheel.

The wheels are removable so people can see you rollin and also just plain old hatin.

Save up your pocket money and buy your Heelys for £184 (!) over at Alyx.


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