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Jewish men attacked with belt by Arabic-speaking youth in central Berlin

Footage from the attack. Source: Facebook/ Jewish Forum for Democracy

A video has emerged showing an Arab youth attacking two Jewish men in broad daylight on the streets of Berlin on Tuesday.

The attack happened at around 8pm on Tuesday evening in the Prenzlauer Berg district, police report.

The two Jewish men who were reportedly wearing kippahs, were verbally attacked by a group of three youths, who used anti-Semitic epithets against them.

One youth then emerged from the group of three young men and attacked a 21-year-old Israeli with his belt, while shouting “Jew” at him.

The victims of the attack were able to record footage of it on a mobile phone, which was later published on Facebook by the Jewish Forum for Democracy (JFDA).

The attackers companions stopped him from continuing the attack and fled the scene with him. When the young Israeli followed them, the man picked up a glass bottle and tried to attack him with it. A female bystander was able to step between the men and prevent further injury.

“It is unbearable that a young Jewish man was attacked on the streets of a well-to-do neighbourhood like Prenzlauer Berg because he showed his Jewish faith," said Levi Salomon from the JFDA. “This shows that Jews are not even safe here. Politicians need to do something – the time for talking is over."

Several recent incidents have raised alarm about anti-Semitism among Berlins Muslim Middle Eastern population. Last month a man reported that his daughter was bullied at her primary school by Muslim classmates due to her Jewish faith. One classmate reportedly told her that she deserved to be beaten and killed.

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