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The Vicar of Dibley star Emma Chambers dies at 53

British actress Emma Chambers, known for her roles in The Vicar of Dibley television series and the romantic comedy Notting Hill, has died at 53.

External Link: Dawn French's tweet: I was regularly humped like this by the unique & beautiful spark that was Emma Chambers. I never minded. I loved her. A lot .

Her agent John Grant said on Saturday Chambers had died of natural causes on Wednesday evening.

"Over the years, Emma created a wealth of characters and an immense body of work. She brought laughter and joy to many, and will be greatly missed," he said.

Chambers was well known in Britain for her role as Alice Tinker in the long-running The Vicar of Dibley comedy.

In an interview with The Independent, Chambers said she was unsure if she was anything like the beloved character.

"You do inevitably bring yourself to a role. Like Alice I am vulnerable, emotional and caring, but I am not thick. I think she is gorgeously naïve, like a child. And that is one thing I am not," she said.

Dawn French, who co-starred with Chambers in the popular show, told Britain's Press Association she would miss Chambers very much.

"Emma was a very bright spark and the most loyal and loving friend anyone could wish for," French said.

Chambers also had a long career in a variety of television and film roles.

Emma Freud, the wife of The Vicar Of Dibley creator Richard Curtis, said on Twitter Chambers had been a "beautiful friend".

"We're very, very sad. She was a great, great comedy performer, and a truly fine actress. And a tender, sweet, funny, unusual, loving human being," Ms Freud tweeted.

External Link: Emma Chambers in Notting Hill

Actor Hugh Grant, part of the Notting Hill cast, called Chambers "a hilarious and very warm person and of course a brilliant actress".

External Link: Twitter: "Emma Chambers was a hilarious and very warm person and of course a brilliant actress. Very sad news"External Link: Tweet: "I'm sad about Emma Chambers. Knew her when she was a kid in Doncaster. She was very funny"External Link: Tweet: "How could you not love this girl"

Chambers was born in Doncaster, 275 kilometres north of London, and trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

She is survived by her husband Ian Dunn.

Dawn French and Emma Chambers in The Vicar of Dibley.


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