Watch: Smartphone Battery Explodes After Customer Bites It

byTom Ciccotta23 Jan 20180

A customer at a Chinese electronics store came face-to-face with an exploding smartphone battery shortly after he decided to bite it to test its authenticity.

The Verge reports that according to a local news outlet, the customer was in the story to have the battery replaced on his iPhone. Technology analysts are unsure if the battery exploded because it was manufactured by a third-party company instead of Apple, or because the customer bit it.

Taiwan News reported that the customer’s teeth may have caused a rupture in the battery’s casing.

Fortunately, no one was injured as a result of the battery explosion. Apple recently caused a backlash when they admitted that they have been slowing down older iPhone models in order to make them more compatible with newer software updates. The technology giant is facing several lawsuits as a result of the admission, including a class action motion from a group of iPhone users who argue that Apple never asked for their consent before slowing down their devices.

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