Coronation Street spoilers: Sick Phelan targets Bethany Platt with evil jibe

Sick Phelan targets Bethany next in Corrie
(Picture: ITV)

Pat Phelan is on an all out mission to wind Gary Windass up in Coronation Street as their war steps up a gear – and he knows exactly which buttons to press in order to get a violent reaction.

While Nicola Rubinstein is trying to get Gary a job on the old mill building site alongside Phelan so that he can do some digging, Phelan can’t resist toying with his enemy.

After already infuriating locals by showing up to the funeral of Luke Britton, earning the wrath of a disgusted Steph who accuses Phelan of blackmailing Andy Carver into torching the garage, Phelan targets Gary and starts goading him.

Nicola gets Phelan to offer Gary a job in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

He takes a step too far when he makes a sick quip about them going to enjoy a lapdancing performance from Bethany Platt which leads to Gary slamming him angrily against a wall.

As they square up to one another, Faye Windass also wants to get away from the killer which prompts Tim Metcalfe to pack his and his daughter’s bags in order to get away from the man who is bringing so much danger and pain to Weatherfield.

With Seb Franklin missing, Anna jailed, Gary furious, Tim and Faye making their huge decision, Steph wanting justice and Nicola plotting against him, how much longer can Phelan stay on top?

One to watch: Wednesday 31st January at 7:30pm on ITV.

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